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Hi there!

Just want to say a few things, but first of all we are going to share with you all Haunt mirrors. Also we want to thank all websites that are hosting our game, so... THANKS!

Ok, now some facts. Haunt won’t be Unity based anymore, as well as Haunted Memories. Actually we are playing with UDK and this is what we need for our further projects. Yet, there is nothing to show at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to present HM media soon. Why it’s taking so long? Cause we simple don’t want to show you a garbage ;)

But the point is that we are officially moving from Unity3D to UDK with both our projects. That means that incoming Haunt 2.0 will have completely new mechanic, location and… in fact it’s going to be completely new game, BUT it will be at least as good as it was with Unity – we promise you that!

We don’t want to talk about any release dates as UDK is quite new for us. Basic mechanic and gameplay elements are almost done, but we don’t want to disappoint you by taking deadlines that are simple impossible. What we are sure about is that new Haunt 2.0 will be available till end of May and that first episode of Haunted Memories will be available this year.

Last announcement – Haunt will be available at Desura soon! What that means? If you have account there (you can always create one for free) your Haunt download problems are gone. Finally! We will announce when Haunt will be approved.

That is all for today – hope you are still with us :) And remember – if you like what we do, share this game everywhere you can. If you love it – consider even the smallest donation, it really matters!

Kind regards,
ParanormalDev Team


HI there!
I hope the NEW HAUNT version 2.0 wil be very cool
But please dont change the New SLENDER MODELL cause this is the BEST MODELL I HAVE EVER SEEN, so dont change it (the Old MOdell wasn´t so good( i dont want to say stupid :D))

L Quest Alot

nice and btw you just said stupid ...


Can there be a new extra mode, it can be called Tape, in which you would have to collect tapes, and watch them at the TV

L Quest Alot

i would really like to see a new extra but i dont really care which 1


dont make the same mistakes that the Paranormal team did, cause in paranormal, you look like a dwarf walking around the house !
cant wait for the release


Hello! I just want to point out that you should make a new trailer, Iäm not saying that this one is not well edited and stuff. However the trailer is a bit outdated, I think that you could get more players if you showed some of the new stuff of in a scary-trailer way.

Mood and Atmosphere

The whole point of Haunt is that it's an endless nightmare, a dark, sad story of a man who was brutally murdered, but didn't deserve it and seeks vengeance for it. Haunt's main goal as a game is to have atmosphere and a dark mood, not be scary (it's still pretty scary though).

You have a point

But now do not have time for that ;) but still thinking

UDK = No more OSX support?

Well, the Subject says it already. Do you guys have intentions to provide OSX binaries in the future? Or is the switch to UDK the death for the Mac OS X-Version of this game?

OSX Still supported

We are not going to abandon iOS. It could be a real problem with planned linux port but iOS is quite safe ;)

Amazing, the definitive Slender experience

Just want to say I have played every iteration of the Slenderman mythos, including the 'official' Slenderman: The Arrival, and this game is by far superior. It has the best graphics, mood, story, atmosphere, music and programming of any Slender game out there. I can say that you guys have truly created the definitive Slenderman experience and I hope you go far. This game deserves to be noticed and recognized as being the best, because it is.

Thank You

Post like this makes us realy proud and mobilizes us to work even harder.

This game is too immersive (Good thing)

Paranormal Dev, I will just say that Haunt is by far the most immersive slender game I have played today. I still can't play it on 'Paranormal' because 1. Slender looks fahking epicly scary 2. The atmosphere, details and game mechanics and 3. I'm just a scary chicken. None the less this is a really great game and I can't wait to see what you guys can make with UDK. CAN'T WAIT :D

This game is amazing

But, if you plan on revising things in Haunt 2.0, consider making it so U-Vision is actually used for something.

That way ghosts actually provide a threat. :D

Haunt in UDK combined with Oculus Rift

Can't wait to play Haunt with Oculus Rift ;) this will be sooo epic :P

Luis manuel oso...

Mogę pomóc to, że grał w 1,1 i pojawił się zielony spektrum znikąd podczas oglądania gry w telewizji i mnie zabić, byłem tak wstrząśnięty, aby zobaczyć, co się szczupła oprócz tej rzeczy zapomniałem nagrać z Fraps lub przynajmniej wziąćobraz, więc nie ma dowodów, ale to, co mówię, jest w 100% prawdziwe, jeśli ktoś ma informacje na ten temat daj znać

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