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Haunt was featured at "CD-Action" game cd boundled with magazine! If you don't know what CDA is, here is the answer: the biggest, polish magazine about games. This is huge achivement for us - thank you CDA team :)

All best,
ParanormalDev Team

Great and a suggestion

Great guys! This game so awesome and I cant wait until you release Haunted memories!
And I also have a suggestion about the game. When you start a new game (not when you load a file) the story of Mark Slender should pop up on the screen. I found there story of Mark Slender somewhere on this website but now I cant find it anymore, but you should add it to the game so it would bring a new gaming experience. And also add to the story about the deathcamp and the headless ghosts.

im that guy forom facebook...

i want make this map for minecraft, but i need a scaled map to make it
so i need a screenshot of whole map in building mode please.
i will send pics and the world in facebook, and free minecrat too!


I have also thought about making this map in minecraft, but I dont think I will, but you can find a map over the whole world/map in the official guide, it can be found here http://haunt-slendergame.com/downloads/Haunt_OfficialGuide.pdf
Good luck making the map! :D

Are you sure?

Yea it better fuckin be or else there will be no god damn remains of your body.

Haunted memories

What is Haunted memories going to be?

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There are no official info right now. Some info you can find at indieDB in our news section and on facebook profile.

Anonymous Q
Me Again! :)

Congrats on the magazine! Once again, love the game. Can't wait for more! :D
Just wondering if you've ever heard of 'Sala Samobójców' (English: Suicide Room)? It's a great movie and if you ever get some spare time, I recommend watching it. (For the younger audience though, maybe wait until you're older.)
Love the game! Can't wait for Haunted Memories! Full support from me!

PS Thnx for an EPIC game!

Thank You

We are from Poland so the movie is known by us. We are very busy right now so Haunted Memories have to wait a little bit.



Gratulacje :)

Gratulacje :)

Hey there pal I guess you

Hey there pal I guess you have never heard of gameinformer.

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