Two Fast Announcements

Hi everybody,

Two fast announcements:

1. LINUX VERSION of Haunt SOON (we mean something about a week)
2. COLLECTORS EDITION for everyone that want to support us and bind Haunt to his Desura account SOON (Including: Haunt Art-Book, Haunt OST, Haunt Game Guide, ingame achivements, bugfixes, Haunted Memories: Episode 01 Free download key )
Yes, that is true - if you will decide to buy Haunt:CE, you will get Haunted Memories first episode for free (just to remind you HM:EP01 will released around last quarter of this year). Just to keep it clear - Haunt is free as it was and Linux version will be free as well. Haunt:CE is a 'special' edititon for those, that want to support us (or simply bind the game to account, as some of you asked about it).

That is all for today in case of announcements. Hope you enjoy the news :)

Thank you for your support!
ParanormalDev Team

L Quest Alot

=O excited


How do you get the collector edition and when? Is it out already?

Not Yet

We are still prepearing this. We will let you all know when it will be ready.




Have you guys talked about a multiplayer?? :P, I love your game and would want to play it with my friends and if you have not thought about multiplayer, have you someone who knows how to do it??

Kairiko Liona

Looking forward to your great work! I loved Haunt enough where I will gladly contribute money for the collector version. By the way, is Haunted Memories and the episodes part of the same story as Haunt or is it something totally different? Either way I am excited and will definitely preorder.

Slender Change

Why did you change the shiny slender?
That slenderman was more...slenderman
Too many tentacles to the new one

Survivor horror fan
Awesome game!

Haunt is the best Slender game besides the original game, Slender: the arrival, Haunt is really a genuine survival horror game XD!

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